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Welcome to the Korean Society of Melbourne Victoria Australia Home page. 
This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Korea and Australia.
As many of you already know, Korea has a 5000-year-old history. Many people in this world know Korea by ‘K Wave’ for example, K-Pop such as Gangnam Style, K-Drama such as ‘Squid game’ these days, but for five thousand years, our forefathers have created many creative things which represent Korea now. For instance, Kimchi which has been eaten for over 500 years is now the standard of global wellbeing food, and it was acclaimed as the amazing anti-virus food. And ‘Han-Geul’ originally named Hunminjungeum, the system of the Korean letters is well known for its scientific invention and King Sejong’’s love toward the people of the ‘Chosun’ dynasty.  Taekwondo, Bulgogi, Pansori and many others are both the greatest legacy of our ancestors and the world.

Although Korea overcame a lot of difficulties such as the Korean War etc, they fought well with those hardships and Even Korea hosted the 1988 Seoul Olympic games and 2002 World Cup very successfully. Now Korea is taking a leading position in the field of high-tech. For example, Korea’s IT industry such as internet services, mobile phones and semiconductors is the best in the world.

Korea is the 3rd biggest trade country for Australia and the friendly relations between Korea and Australia are very strong.
We are very proud to introduce our Korean community here in Melbourne and you can make inquiries for anything about Korea and Korean Society in Melbourne Victoria. 
Contact e-mail is as belows, 
President Chris Park (melbournekorean@gmail.com)

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