Melbourne Song Festival progress

Hello, this is the Korean Association of Victoria, Australia.

The response to the Melbourne Music Festival held next weekend is hot. About 50 applications were received, and the preliminaries were judged for over a week. Thank you so much for your interest.

I want to be with everyone, but due to the time of the event on the day, about 15 of the applicants made it to the main line.

Those who made it to the main line will prepare through rehearsal this week, and on the day of the event [Saturday, September 17th], they will be with Korean compatriots in a more wonderful way.

Also, on the day of the event [Saturday, September 17th], from 3:00 PM, we will have a Korean play and culture experience!! We are going to have a simple meal together, so it would be nice if you come with your family and friends and enjoy the changed appearance of the Korean Center and the event together.

Thank you again for your interest and support, and we will work hard to prepare for a more wonderful event.

I wish you a fun and wonderful week

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