President's Greetings


I am Park Eung-sik, the 32nd president of the Victorian Korean Association.

Visit the website of the Korean Society of Victoria Welcome everyone.

The Korean Society of Victoria was founded in 1972 by a group of 10 families with a total of 16 articles.

Adopted and launched, 50 years have already passed.

Everyone is said to be able to read and understand the will of heaven if they reach the age of 50.

I dare to think that the age of the Korean Association has reached that time.

During the dark days of the Japanese colonial period, we Koreans, while running away from water and running away to unfamiliar lands, united as the same people and neglected the education of future generations.

It has an incredible history.

In an era incomparable to that time, it is the land of Australia where I came to live better than others and settled down, but the difficulty of living in a foreign country is

In fact, it seems that there was no difference.

No matter what I tried to do, it was regrettable that sometimes there were not enough people and there was no financial support in many parts, and I encountered unexpected difficulties.

I ran out of strength to run for an amicable solution.

Nevertheless, we have gained more than we have lost,

I believe that we have endured until today because we have the belief that we must carry on our spirit on this land no matter what.

Sometimes, even if there is a dispute, the reason why we can quickly shake it off and smile again and hold hands is because we share the same blood and have been passed down under the same ancestors.

I think it’s because of being ‘Korean’.

Having come together like that, we are now more and more aware of ourselves on this land, firmly imprinting our existence, and at the same time

As a recognized Australian citizen, you must also fulfill your responsibilities.

In particular, as Korea and Australia continue to promote friendship through close relations in various fields including the economy, I believe that there are limitless things we need to do in the future.

The 1st generation, as they are, the 1.5th generation, who are at a loss, also had their own hardships, and the 2nd and 3rd generations also live with unspeakable problems all the time, but we will be able to fight each other and build our strength.

I will work hard and run hard during my tenure as the Korean president who will remain as a warm memory in your heart.

I know very well that no matter how hard I try, I won’t be able to find meaning without you all, and even finishing the race will be difficult.

I earnestly ask you to be with us with warm interest and love.

After overcoming the difficult time of Corona 19 and now going back to everyday life, I was in charge of the Korean president.  

It gives you more strength and motivation to create a fun Korean Association.

I believe that you are my strong support and I will do my best.

Thank you

Park Eung-sik, the 32nd Korean president in Melbourne, Victoria

Park Eung-sik

The 32nd Korean President
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